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Deep Dive! Here is part of our community watching deep dive in person and socially distanced. The rest were watching the stream.

Over the past two Sundays we have put on a stream for Pizza Theology an event we put on once a semester. Focus really values encountering God and processing what it means to follow him at the educational level we possess. Often our faith and knowledge of that faith sometimes stays at the veggie tales level and we don't pursue anything beyond that. At Pizza Theology we take time to wrestle with our faith and process through it at the college level. This time we talked about how to think like a christian in society. One of the best talks in it was done by my co-worker and friend Jalen. He took some time to discuss the upcoming election and what he had been wrestling with in what to do. His talk was humble and convicting and got me thinking about where I put my hope. Am I putting my hope in a particular candidate or political party? I think it can be so so easy for any of us to do that. To pick a party, think we are completely right, shame those who disagree, and think God would vote the exact same way. We can take something that is good like social justice (something God deeply cares about) and make that our main goal rather than Jesus. When we do that we let the culture define it rather than Jesus and we make it an idol. Ultimately Jesus is Lord not any political party or candidate or their platforms. I highly encourage you to take 22 minutes and listen to his talk. I think it will bless you as it did me. Click here for Jalen's talk!

Worship Night!

We had a worship night this month and it was so sweet to get to worship as a body in person for the first time since March. I forget how powerful worship is how it centers you on God and fills you up.We plan to do these once a month going forwards. Core continues to be going well. Juli and I have about 8 girls who come consistently and I am starting a new study with one of them this week!

This weekend we are doing Covid friendly version of Fall Camp! Instead staying overnight we are only going to meet during the day and much of the day will be outside. Please be praying that students come and are blessed by the time together and that we would be able to stay safe. Fall Camp is crucial in jumpstarting people's relationships with each other and their feeling of belonging to the community. With the isolation of Covid this will be especially important this year. We will also have time for them to encounter Jesus and his love.

This is Frederick Ferdinand the Frog. My roommates and I got him recently and I had to bless you with his picture.

Thanks again for supporting me in prayer and financially! You make this ministry possible! Don't forget to check out the student testimony below!

In Christ,

Emily Umstead


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