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March Ministry Updates

Our DBU ministry! This was from worship night that we did recently. Planting at a new campus can be hard. You need time to build trust and get people bought into the vision.  You need to build buy-in to the community and foster consistency. (Side note: I do think starting a campus ministry on a Christian campus like DBU is probably easier than a secular campus for a few reasons I won't get into.) I've never been part of such a new campus ministry. FOCUS at UTD was so established. Communicating vision was so much easier since FOCUS had already created a culture there. At times I have found myself discouraged when only one or two girls showed up for core. I was getting frustrated with the lack of consistency in some girls. And I will confess I even found myself comparing the woman's side of the ministry to the men's side.  I was getting so caught up in my frustrations and my own pride, that I was forgetting to have perspective and to be faithful with what God had giv