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September Ministry Update

Wow. August is already over! What an amazing and busy month it has been. God has been so so good and continued to show up and make things happen. First day of classes! From left to right:Alex, Brittany, Abbie, Emily M., Me!, Sam, Reagann, Drew, Amber, Ryan, Darby, Jesse Since college classes hadn't started on the campuses we are at we spent two whole weeks reading the Old Testament and discussing it. It has been blowing my mind how different it is to read whole books of the bible at once. Usually I read them slowly over time. I highly recommend reading a book in one sitting. The theme of the book is more readily accessible this way and it can reveal things to you that reading the book in chunks just won't. The last two weeks this month I was on campus at UT Arlington meeting students and participating in Maverick Stampede along with our staff and student leaders. Maverick Stampede is put on by the university for the first two weeks of the school year with many events t