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May Ministry Updates

Another month has flown by! Here is how God is moving! 2018-2019 UTA & DBU Leader Team Spring Showcase was such a success.  God was so good to us and people were so generous that we were able to make more than last year. That means SICM was made even more affordable for students going this year.(SICM is a week long conference up in Bellingham, Washington where students are equipped to go a make disciples on their campus.) So thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your prayers and generosity. Part of Spring Showcase being a success is support from you guys! 72 Hours of Prayer Tent Another big event that happened this past month was 72 Hours of Prayer. This is an event that all of the Christian ministries on UTA's campus come together to make happen.We set up a tent with stations inside and then people sign up for one hour of prayer over the course of three days. The goal is to have 72 hours of continuous prayer at UTA and provide an opportunity for studen