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April 2021

  Core on our quick Austin Trip! I have loved living life with these girls. Over spring break I got the chance to go on a short trip with my core girls. It was a really sweet time of fellowship and bonding in the beautiful city of Austin Texas. This year has been a weird one with masks, COVID scares, and no Winter Camp but God has done so many good things in spite of it all. We has no mass infections of COVID this year, we have gotten to worship together in person outside safely after a year without it, we are inviting 60 students from UTA to SICM (the leadership conference we send potential leaders to), core has continued to happen and flourish, and God has moved in each one of these girls hearts with two of them now considering baptism! Our God is a sustainer and life-giver who delights in us drawing close to him. And he is so good to let us participate in what he is doing.  We also got to do a week of outreach on campus a couple weeks ago. Several new students were invited into comm