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April Ministry Update

Another month in the books! Here are a few ways God has moved this past month.

This past week we had some students and staff from CCF (Christian Campus Fellowship, a campus ministry from Bellingham, Washington) come to our UTA to do outreach on our campus all week for their spring break! They call this week Student Spring Impact (SSI). Lots of acronyms I know! CCF is a ministry that FOCUS has had a really neat relationship with for years. In fact, they are the same ministry that we connect with to send our students to SICM. These students gave up their break, which many students use to party or simply relax to come and help us spread the gospel at UTA. I was so encouraged by their commitment and boldness to reach out to those who may be far from God. They were so willing to step out and do things even when it made them uncomfortable or anxious and it challenged me to do the same. I have come away from that week even more convinced of our need and call to spread the word and that God w…