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October Ministry Update

I can hardly believe it. September is over already! The past two months in the apprenticeship have been a whirlwind. I am so beyond blessed that this is my job right now! Here is my core at UTA. Love these girls! This month, I held a public reading of scripture with a student leader. We met at a ministry house and read through all of Galatians together then discussed it. I've been learning a lot about how beneficial it is to read a book of the Bible all at once so being able to do that with students was great! There is something really special about getting together to read and discuss. You get things out of it that wouldn't by reading it on your own. This is Hannah! I get to lead core with her at DBU! In an exciting turn of events, UTA staff have decided to start two cores at Dallas Baptist University (DBU)! God seems to be moving there and we get to be a part of it! I'm leading with a lovely lady named Hannah (pictured above), and Jalen, another member of U