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Abundant Life

Where would you be without Jesus? Who would you be? What would your life look like? This is something that I have been reflecting on this past month. God has been graciously reminding me how much I need Him, how much we all need Him and how much He is at work in all our lives. Without Jesus I would be searching for my worth in relationship after relationship. I would be walking a destructive path desperate to feel love. Without Jesus my anxiety and depression would rule me. I would be stuck and stagnant. I am not alone in this There are several girls in my core who without Jesus would be desperately lonely and friendless. Some would be hopeless in their fight with mental health and identity. Others would simply live for career or grades. We all would be living a pointless existence without Jesus. Praise God that is not our fate! Jesus has come that we may live life abundantly! That we may find healing and transformation in Him. That is what we are offering to students on campus. Abund…