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December Ministry Update

God has continued to be so faithful this past month. Here are a few highlights!

Pizza Theology happened earlier in November and went so well. Hundreds of college students came out to learn about God and His word for several hours on a Sunday afternoon. That alone is a testament to God working on our college campuses. A big take away from that night was that the only way to be fully human is to follow Jesus and become empowered by the Holy Spirit. Jesus modeled this for us. Where we failed by falling into temptation, Jesus succeeded. Jesus didn't reach for glory or power outside of God. He was completely to faithful to God. By obeying God and walking in the Spirit we can have restoration now! What a powerful message for our college students. So many of the students I talked to were impacted by this in one way or another. I pray that God continues to draw them in and that these students continue to engage their faith intellectually.

Our annual Keep FOCUS Growing campaign was a smash…