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February Ministry Update

Another month has flown by! Here are some ways that the Lord has been moving over the past month! Winter camp group photo 2019 Winter camp group photo 2009 (only 10 years ago!) Looking at these two photos from Winter camp blows me away. Ten years ago I was twelve and in middle school. FOCUS was founded in 1998 when I was two. Twenty-one years later I'm on staff with FOCUS in Arlington. My life has been deeply blessed by this community. It has taught me how to really follow Jesus and be His disciple through meaningful, Christ-like community. So many sweet friendships that have brought healing and walked with me through my junk. I'm not sure if I would be as on fire for the Lord if God hadn't brought me to this community. I am so excited to see how God moves in this community over the next ten years. There are middle school students now that God wants to bring into this community when they come to college. Two year olds that he wants to save. That is the vision.