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New Beginnings

UTA Staff this year!!! (Left to right: Sarah, Me, Jalen, Emily M, Austin) August is here! In two weeks students are going to flooding UTA's campus ready to make new friends and learn. Some will be returning to a university they are familiar with, ready to get back to the flow of the school year or to do things differently this time and make new friends. Some will be coming to this campus for the first time wondering who their friends are going to be and what life is going to look like. Some of these students already know Jesus and want to deepen their relationship with him. Some knew Him once but don't now for any variety of reasons. And still, some don't know Jesus at all. We are going to get the honor of meeting these students where they are at. The honor of offering them deep friendship and the opportunity to know Jesus who is the only One who brings us real and lasting life. This past week I got to spend several days with the rest of UTA staff on a retreat. I am