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June 2021

First Summer Focus of the year! We love because he first loved us - 1 John 4:19 I like you just the way you are - Fred Rogers Summer FOCUS kicked off this past month and has been such a huge gift from God. Getting to worship together as a body again was a such a sweet thing to come back to. I was filled with so much joy that first night. I hadn't realized how much I missed worship like this and how God uses it to fill us up. We have started a sermon series focused on growing our affection for Jesus that so far has been so powerful. Each week a staff member comes with a story about Jesus from scripture that touches them. They also bring some form of art or media to help us connect to the story itself. If you want to watch a sermon yourself you can access past broadcasts here: Staff who are leaving this summer being prayed over. (Since I leave at the end of July they are going to celebrate me later).  Graduated students getting training for tran