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August Ministry Update

I can't believe the day is finally here! The apprenticeship has started! I have wanted to do the apprenticeship since my sophomore year in college so it's been a long time coming and I am so excited for what is to come.

I officially moved to Arlington a week ago and have loved getting to know my sweet roommates. There are five of us total so there is always someone to hang out with at the house which I love. They have all been so good about inviting me into their lives which has made the move a whole lot easier. I am so thankful for them.

This past week we had staff retreat where the whole staff from all campuses comes together to fellowship, worship,  and prepare for the new school year.  The whole experience was incredibly encouraging and humbling. That I get to be a part of this team and bring the gospel to Arlington is such an honor. Two moments from staff retreat stand out to me.

1) During worship we sang the song Who You Say I Am by Hillsong Worship. God really used thi…