May Ministry Updates

Another month has flown by! Here is how God is moving!

2018-2019 UTA & DBU Leader Team
Spring Showcase was such a success.  God was so good to us and people were so generous that we were able to make more than last year. That means SICM was made even more affordable for students going this year.(SICM is a week long conference up in Bellingham, Washington where students are equipped to go a make disciples on their campus.) So thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your prayers and generosity. Part of Spring Showcase being a success is support from you guys!

72 Hours of Prayer Tent

Another big event that happened this past month was 72 Hours of Prayer. This is an event that all of the Christian ministries on UTA's campus come together to make happen.We set up a tent with stations inside and then people sign up for one hour of prayer over the course of three days. The goal is to have 72 hours of continuous prayer at UTA and provide an opportunity for students on campus to bring prayer requests forward. It is also a way to bring all the campus ministries together in unity and establish relationships between them. Each night it was happening we had worship done by a different ministry as well. Despite bad weather and having to take the tent down slightly early, the event was really cool and impactful. I often forget how powerful and important prayer is. How cool that we get to sponsor this and that it takes place in such a central part of campus!

As the year is wrapping up, I am starting to have discussions with the girls I have done 1-1 bible studies with about what it means to be sent. I've met with them each week this year and we have gone through Focus on Jesus (a 1-1 bible study that Focus developed) and that was good but now it is time for them to be sent out. For them to do some 1-1 bible studies for them to make some disciples. One of the girls I have studied with this year is particularly excited about being sent out to make other disciples for the Lord. She grew up in the faith and came to college not super knowledgeable about the bible or confident in her faith. Through our time together she has grown in confidence, in knowledge, and in closeness with the Lord. She has caught the vision of sharing God's kingdom and I am so beyond excited to see what God does through her!

If you could be praying for SICM which will be happening later this month (and in June!) that would be so appreciated. Pray that God would soften students hearts to what he has to teach them there. That it would open their eyes to the mission field on each of their respective campuses and that they would come back ready to work the field. That the Lord would really give them a heart for making disciples for the rest of their lives and that the Lord would be glorified through all of this. The video above can give you an idea of what SICM is and what it means to our students.

Thank you again supporting me and don't forget to check out the student testimony below!

Many Blessings,
Emily Umstead


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