November Ministry Update

Hi everyone! November is here! Here is an update on how things are going:

Fall Camp 2018!

Fall Camp happened earlier this month and it went so well. Fall Camp is an event where we spend 24 hours worshiping and learning about God, playing games, and deepening friendships. This event is usually when students start to feel more of a sense of community. They start to see more of the vision of what Christian community can look like. The second day of camp before we left, we took time to let students share about what God had been teaching them. So many students shared that we went overtime! It was so encouraging to hear the ways God had been working in their lives and how God had used the trip to touch their lives. Many students come in not knowing what it is like to be a part of genuine, Christ-centered community, so events like this are very special. It's like a little taste of heaven!

Students enjoying time together at Fall camp

Another big event that happened this month was the leadership conference. Almost every year FOCUS and the DFW Metro Family of Churches (churches that support and are connected to FOCUS) meet together to worship and learn ministry skills. All FOCUS student leaders come as well as students that we see potential leadership in. This year we talked about scripture and how to use it to minister to others. What really blew me away was the fact that so many college students used their Saturday this past weekend to come and learn about ministry. God is moving. That is the vision. Disciples ready to learn and on fire for God.

Pizza theology is coming up later this month. Pizza Theology is a theological seminar that we do once a semester covering topics we couldn't unpack in a normal Fellowship Night. All campuses come to this event so it's gonna be big! Please pray that students come and are open to hear what God has to teach them. Please also be praying that God continues to work through all the cores and 1-1s.

Thanks again for supporting!

Many Blessings,
Emily Umstead


  1. Hey Emily! Thanks for sharing! Camp was only a month ago but it already seems like forever. That weekend is such a sweet treat for our students - getting to "get away" and spend time together and with God. It gets me excited for Winter Camp coming up soon!!

    I am also so pumped about Pizza Theology. I think it will be such a neat blessing to our students as they try to figure out their place in God's Big Story.

    Love you Emily!


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